Tabitha Music Limited

Some of our music - worldwide

We have songwriters and singers from across the world. Their music is different but nevertheless very exciting.

David Cooler, King Errisson, Thornton Cline, David Lessing,John Smith, Canaan Cox, Noreen Crayton, Earl Smith - USA, Brad Tucker  - Canada, Bryce Wastney New Zealand and Kim Fairchild - Norway. Adrian Smith and many more in the UK

All of them will have music released across the world and promoted not only by ourselves but through Music and Film who will ensure their music goes out to more than 250,000 stations covering all genres. 

Many of them will have their music released via our sister company Tabitha Records on CD as well as downloads from iTunes, Amazon etc.

For the first time much of our music will be promoted and will be available to buy on CD to download across Asia via a tie up with a South Korean label. 

More signings are currently planned.